Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Chocolate Moist Cake wif Chocolate Buttercream

I have no words anymore...Pls enjoy the picture yals...


Butter Cake with Almond & Chocolate Rice

How do I look?aiyohhhhhh...I baked this cake in the ovul baking pan just for no reason.saja-saja as this cake was just for family makan-makan..I always love butter cake because its simple but delicious..Butter cake is one of the basic cake that everybody should know how to bake.hahah..



This cake was ordered by my sister in law for her little brother`s birthday last Saturday. And this cake was transferred from Kajang (my hometown) to Melaka (my sister in law`s mother`s house) by my brother..Was nicely place in a cake box and safely arrived after almost 2 hours journey.

It was very moist and chocolatey..D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S ..

Doesn't this looks tempting yalsss??????



This butter cake was ordered by my colleagues from office, Kak Nani for......hurmmmmm, huh! I cant recall the event..But Thank You Kak Nani for supporting me all this while regardless through all your advises as well your experience sharing. Kak Nani  feedback: The cake was delicious..Short and sweet.haha



Today is not what so call Wordless Wednesday, as today the only day I got the chance to update my blog after been through hectic weeks. This American Chocolate Cake was from last two weeks activity which I don`t really remembered for what purpose..It was so delicious and full of chocolate but the effort of making this was pretty struggling.It required a few steps as well as your extra attention, especially for making the topping..

And of course the `annoying' part was cleaning the kitchen, ware and tools.....It required another level of effort.I wish I had a maid to do all the messy task .BUT the outcome was worth of every little effort that u put..It melted in your mouth and the cake was so moist..

Do enjoy the picture guys...


Monday, 16 April 2012


Hy guys, I updated this entry from my office before I go back..So Im going to make it short and sweet..This was from last Saturday activity where I managed to bake and make a buttercream  cake..It was a mocha flavor cake.I send this cake to my granny house as nobody was going to eat it at my house.Well the major reason was just to brush up my skill on decorating the cake as well as to try new flavor with plain buttercream.By only plain buttercream covered the cake, it wont tasted as delicious as it with flavor...So I choose to add some mocha flavor and it turned out very well.I love the flavor..I did not taste the cake but only the buttercream,so that is why I have no slice pictures of the cake...I only manged to capture the whole cake.


Doesn't dat look amazing?Let me answer for u fellows...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT DOES!!!!!!!!
This seems to be my all year fav cake.Its delicious,amazing and worth of spending the whole day baking this...I brought this cake to my office as I promise them...The outcomes were pretty amazing>Everybody loves it.Siap ada yg nak tempah tue...Its maybe nothing much but to me,its a very another level of compliment...hahah

The recipe was from previous recipe and was taken from joybaking and another baker who I forget the name..Combining both recipes to make this one......So pleasa click here for the recipe Click Here ...
And pleasa enjoy the picture....

MR.Cookies by RushD

My summer collections...hahahah..

Seriously its like Wednesday when I just about to start writing on my own blog...The words gone and I feel so wordless..In that case, lets the pictures explains the whole journey..This was last week if im not mistaken and it was a pleasant and happy day of baking.

So hows that?Mcm sedapkan...This is coming soon....Ok guys till thennnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012


So as the title of the post explains everything..No bake weekend!I actually did bake something and still working on some projects.Still in the planning phase and finding the best method as well as the recipe..

Nothing much but perhaps its a new beginning of something that I wanna do..

Well today,I spend almost of my time in front of my lappy and try to gather as many information as I can..

Theres always one day suddenly u feel so lazy and just wanna chill,sleep and eat.Forget the rest and U just wanna alter ur brain to the empty space..Let go everything especially when u have to face the annoying creatures and this species tend to be very hard to handle.So the best u can do is just to ignore.

As I surfed the net, I managed to `stalk` some of my friends blog and get the latest update about them.What they been up to and so on....We hardly to meet as everybody is busy and what keeping us close is the internet!!hahaha..

Yeah,  dat pretty much my activities for today..Yeahhh, I noe, i hav a boring life..But as long as i feel comfortable,I dunt give a DANG what people say....

Okeh,till then.....