Sunday, 1 April 2012


So as the title of the post explains everything..No bake weekend!I actually did bake something and still working on some projects.Still in the planning phase and finding the best method as well as the recipe..

Nothing much but perhaps its a new beginning of something that I wanna do..

Well today,I spend almost of my time in front of my lappy and try to gather as many information as I can..

Theres always one day suddenly u feel so lazy and just wanna chill,sleep and eat.Forget the rest and U just wanna alter ur brain to the empty space..Let go everything especially when u have to face the annoying creatures and this species tend to be very hard to handle.So the best u can do is just to ignore.

As I surfed the net, I managed to `stalk` some of my friends blog and get the latest update about them.What they been up to and so on....We hardly to meet as everybody is busy and what keeping us close is the internet!!hahaha..

Yeah,  dat pretty much my activities for today..Yeahhh, I noe, i hav a boring life..But as long as i feel comfortable,I dunt give a DANG what people say....

Okeh,till then.....


  1. Rush,nt bleh r aku rembat resepi2 ko erk..hehehe
    keep it up bro :)

    1. huhu.Dipersilakan....Sama2 la kita konsi apa yg ada....